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The Daystar MT5 Multi-Tracer is an integrated measurement system for testing multiple photovoltaic modules under natural or simulated sunlight. The Multi-Tracer has separate and isolated inputs for up to 16 PV modules per Load unit. The Multi-Tracer will peak power track any attached PV module to within 0.2% of the maximum power.The operating voltage of each module is measured using a 4-wire connection.

At user-defined intervals, the Multi-Tracer will sweep an I-V curve for each module. Because of wiring and other load resistance, the Multi-Tracer cannot adjust the load to zero volts and measure a true short circuit current. Resistance of connecting wires from the PV mudules to the Multi-Tracer is the main source of resistance so both wire size and length are factors to consider when locating the Multi-Tracer in the test area. The Multi-Tracer is connected using Ethernet and common browser software may be used to setup the unit and access data files. Contact Daystar for options and pricing.

Typical specifications for Daystar Multi-Tracers

# Channels   up to 16 per Load unit
Max. Voltage   500 Volts DC
Max. Current   20 Amps DC
Module Control   Peak Power Tracking or Fixed Voltage
Time for IV Curve   ~2 seconds per module
Analog Voltage Inputs   8
Thermocouples   24 standard; up to 56 may be ordered
MT5 Operating Temperature   0 - 50°C
MT5 Operating Voltage (Vac)   110-250; 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions (cm)   61 x 44.5 x 95
Weight (kg)   23 - 45
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