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The Daystar MT5 Multi-Tracer system consists of one Control unit and up to four Load units. The Load units may be 2400 Watts or 3200 Watts, mix or match. Each load unit may have 1 to 16 inputs for PV modules. The Control unit has 8 voltage inputs and 24 thermocouple inputs, expandable to 56 inputs. The MT5 Multi-Tracer system is an electronic load that independently controls the operating point, and dissipates the power from connected PV modules. Features include:

• Peak-power control of up to 16 PV modules per load unit
• Accurate I-V curve measurements at user-selected intervals
• Voltage, current, irradiance and temperature values averaged and saved for each module
• Eight auxiliary analog voltage inputs on the Control unit
• Twenty-four thermocouples inputs, expandable to 56 inputs, on the Control unit
• Connect to local area network with ethernet
• Use common browser software to set up system

• Use FTP client software to collect data files

• On-board data storage; no dedicated computer required
• Four-wire voltage measurements
• Positive or negative module ground may be specified
• Mating connectors for thermocouple, auxiliary, and PV module inputs, are provided

The customer may specify how the power is distributed across the Load units. For example, an MT5 system with a single 3200 Watt Load unit could be specified with sixteen 200 Watt channels, eight 400 Watt channels, or other configurations as long as the 3200 Watt power limit is not exceeded.

The Multi-Tracers dissipate the total module power so they must be located in a well-ventilated or cooled enclosure. Fan noise may be an issue at full load. They should be located as close to the test modules as practical. The Multi-Tracer is a laboratory instrument designed to fit a standard 19-inch equipment rack. Complete documentation is provided with each unit. A copy of the manual may be downloaded here.


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