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Daystar, Incorporated & Raydec, Incorporated
Daystar customers using earlier versions of IVPC may download information here.
IVPC 2.6.3 is free. If you have any trouble please contact:
  Vern Risser 3240 Majestic Ridge Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011. 505-522-4943
CD Rom of IVPC 2.63
Floppy Disks of IVPC 2.63
Clicking below will download IVPC 2.6.3 for a CD.

Clicking below will download three files of IVPC 2.63 software that can be saved to Floppies

IVPC263_Disk 1

IVPC263_Disk 2

IVPC263_Disk 3

IVPC 2.63
Clicking below will download the software manual for IVPC 2.6.3
Software Manual for IVPC 2.6.3
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